How social media affects My topic

Social media effects my topic because the creators of the show had to get their content out there. they would have to pitch their idea to people around the world and the best way to do that would be to use social media outlits. the show was also made in Japan so the creators would have to stay in touch and see how progress is going. It also allowed them to get Buzz out there instead of paying millions for TV ads they could do a You tube add instead which is free. They can also connect with fans and here what they think from if they liked the direction of the show or think it needs to go into a diffrent direction. All and all social media has alot of penifits for people making shows it helps them premote as well as connect with the people they need to and get feedback


Avatar The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time

Avatar is one of the greatest shows off all time. It has amazing character development as well as strong writing, beautiful visuals, and emotional dept. In my first blog i will talk on these elements and expand on why this show is so accessible to children and adults alike. Writing I have never seen writing so deep and strong for a kids show avatar does not treat the audience as stupid it shows dept with all the characters and shows them going through change. It shows children and adults alike the challenges we face from being the outcast to dealing with life and death and UN real expectations that people put on us. Avatar also tackles sensitive issues that most shows stay away from like racism, murder, Genocide and many others avatar also tackles these issues in a way it can be enjoyable for the whole family and create discussions on why these people feel this way and if they are truly bad or just raised a certain way. Avatar also has a way of leaving us emotionally invested in these characters you want Aang, Sokka, and Katara to make it to the fire nation and stop the fire lord before he destroys the one last nation leaving him to rule the world. You also have one of the most relate able characters in cinema history Prince Zuko. In the beginning we see Zuko as just a generic bad guy who wants to capture and to restore his honor but we soon find out he is anything but. Zuko begins to go through a transformation that is relate able to us he deals with the pressures that are put on us by our elders and the feeling that we are failures if those expectations are not met. After loosing everything after being deemed a failure by his father he looses everything and now Zuko must look within himself and find out what he wants in life he also goes into hiding and finds out what his father has done to the world and thus Zuko’s transformation begins. In my next post i will talk about the top six characters in avatar and break down their traits as well as what makes these characters so deep.

Avatars top Six characters

Today I am breaking down the final three characters and why they are the best in the show

Number 3: Aang

Aang is great he is funny, sweet, you typical thirteen year old he is also faced with the task of defeating fire lord Ozai and restoring  balance  to the world typical thirteen year old stuff right? Aang is relate able to young children because he has all the pressure on the world on him and is expected to do a seemingly impossible task by himself. he is scared to face the unknown but instead of being all by himself he has Katara, Toph, and Sokka to take care of him. Kids can relate because everyone needs someone to be there there for them when things get bad. Aang faces these challenges head on with help and determination and never looses his child like innocents which far to many of us do when faced with pressue which makes Aang so great

Number 2: Zuko

If it was not for number one on our list Zuko would be the most amazing character in television history.

In the beginning we do see Zuko as the stereotypical bad guy who wants to capture the avatar to restore his honor but as the story progresses we see this character grow like we all do in life. After countless failed attempts to capture Aang Zukos Father Lord Ozai sends his sister to capture him and his uncle branding them as traitors. after escaping and having no where to go they go undercover and live life as normal people while under disguise he realizes all of the suffering and damage the fire nation has done to the rest of the world. Zuko must then look within himself to realize what he wants in life and he starts to become good.but the Azula comes in the picture and offers him to catch Aang and restore his honor suprisingly he accepts all that progress he has made went for not. When Zuko comes home he has everything he has ever wanted he is prince worshiped gets his girlfriend back and everything looks perfect. But Zuko just isn’t happy he finally decides to face his father and after an emotional back and fourth Zuko decides to join Aang and defeate his father. Zukos story is most relate able because every thing is not black and white and sometimes you have to loose everything to truly find yourself.

Number 1: Uncle Iroh

Just saying his name makes me smile uncle Iroh has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and even break your heart. Uncle Iroh was once a great general but after loosing his son he returned home and faced with the task of helping a banished Zuko find the avatar after trying his best to help Zuko calm down and relax we first see Iroh as comedy relief for Zuko but that could not be farther from the truth. Iroh is trying to get Zuko to calm down and enjoy life and take a minute to find out what he really wants but Zuko just wont listen. Iroh is the kind of guy that if you are robbing him he would ask why and try his best to help you he is the sweetest kindest old man in the world. We even end up hating zuko after he betrays the only real man the loves and cares for him Iroh was more of a father to Zuko the Ozai ever was. Iroh’s hurt that Zuko lost his way and can no longer help him. Iroh woul do anything for anyone and this makes the betrail more heart breaking also if you want to see what Iroh is all about watch tales of ba sinfg sai but make sure you bring plenty of tissues because I swear you will cry. Although Zuko is amazing he is no match for his uncle who in my opinion is the greatest character to ever exist. My final post will be the top five episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender.


Avatars Top six characters

Today I am doing my top six favorite characters from avatar the last airbender and why in my opinion their so deep and what makes them great.

Number 6: Azula

Azula may be one of the most true evil characters on television. She enjoyed watching her eight year old brother being burned by their father calls people cowards for crying when they experience loss and tries to kill her brother. Azula strikes fear in every one she meets even her dearest friends. She also comes very close to killing Aang more then anybody in th show actually. but with all her hatred and vial acts we cant help but feel sorry for her in the final episode when she begins her descent into madness and remembers how her mom never loved her and Favorited Zuko over her

Number 5: Sokka

Sokka could easily be number one on this list if the other characters we not so great. Sokka is the comedy relief in the show but he is also the leader thinking of intelligent ideas to get the gang out of trouble. He is also the only one on the list that does not have a special bending ability and this makes him feel useless to the group but after training with a master swords man he regains his confidence and becomes the guy we know we know and love. Sokka is brave funny protective and inteligent and plays an important role until the end

Number 4: Katara

Katara is kind, sweet, protective, and very powerful next to Aang she may be the most powerful on the show with the ability to blood bend which is taking control of someones body. Katara is also very trusting she feels sorry for people and does her best to help also being Aangs crush she balances protecting the group as well as doing what she can to stop fire lord Ozai. Katara is brave sweet kind and will do what ever she needs to to protect the ones she loves, In my next post i will break down the final three characters and why they are not only some of the deepest on the show but why they are some of the most amazing on tv